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Aus Austin, Texas, kommt die Sängerin und Gitarristin Carolyn Wonderland, die mit ihrem zweiten Album "Miss Understood" ein elektrifiziertes Blues-Feuerwerk - und in jedem Fall ... weiter lesen - www.kulturwoche.at - Manfred Horak
In unseren Kreisen bislang weitgehend unbekannt, erschien nun das erste in Europa veröffentlichte Album von Carolyn Wonderland. Produziert vom neunmaligen Grammy-Gewinner ... weiter lesen - www.blues.at - Clever
Carolyn Wonderlands siebtes Album ist wirklich ein Wunderland. Mit den zwölf Songs bekommt sie einen musikalischen Spagat hin, von dem so mancher Herr der Gilde der ... weiter lesen - www.rocktimes.de - Joachim 'Joe' Brookes
Vorn auf dem Cover sieht Carolyn Wonderland aus wie eine Mischung aus Janis Joplin und Mama Cass von "The Mamas & The Papas" (falls sich noch jemand erinnert). Auf ... weiter lesen - www.homeofrock.net - Manfred Hörstmann
"It's the famous story, that I was out at the Backyard, hangin' with Dylan," booms Ray Benson jovially from his cell phone. "He goes: 'Hey, ...Have you heard Carolyn ... read more - www.austinchronicle.com - Margaret Moser
Take a little Bonnie Raitt, throw in a heaping handful of Janis Joplin along with a dash of Wynonna Judd and you've got Carolyn Wonderland, the amazingly talented Austin, Texas-based ... read more - www.countrychart.com
If Carolyn Wonderland's previous Bloodless Revolution promised she'd land on your doorstep one day, then Miss Understood is ringing the doorbell. Tossing Wonderland's ... read more - www.austinchronicle.com - Margaret Moser
Carolyn has an awesome voice! The whole album has a smooth bluesy feel to it. I could almost see and smell the thick blue smoke in a corner nightclub...in Mayberry! No that ... read more - texasdirt.wordpress.com
“Stated plainly, Wonderland has one of the most impressively powerful voices recently heard anywhere, regardless of sex. Able to boon, cajole, promise growl, and wheedle with equal power, she plays guitar with much the same forcefulness.” - Matt Weitz, Dallas Observer
"Carolyn Wonderland is the real deal! She's an amazing guitar player. She whistled a solo. She even played the trumpet! And damn, can she sing." - Los Angeles Times
"A dollop of Janis Joplin, a slice of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and a big load of soulful individuality... that's Wonderland, a seething-hot Texas singer-guitarist. And she can write, too! Produced by Asleep at the Wheel's Ray Benson, Miss Understood focuses on tough yet vulnerable blues, but also captures the melodic soul of classic American song... No wonder Dylan is an avowed fan." - Daniel Gewertz, Boston Herald
"When she blisters the guitar and cocks her head fetchingly to sing her songs like "I'm Innocent" she stands in the good company of Sue Foley, Debbie Davies, and Bonnie Raitt. But when she whistles, as she does with disarming ease on another of her compositions "I'm the Man," or picks up the trumpet, she's one of a kind." - Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle
"Stated plainly, Wonderland...has one of the most impressively powerful voices recently heard anywhere, regardless of sex. Able to boom, cajole, promise, growl, and wheedle with equal power, she plays guitar with much the same forcefulness..." - Matt Weitz, Dallas Observer
"Carolyn Wonderland's live shows are just outright phenomenal. Top notch, five-stars, off the meter - whatever the clich., Carolyn and her band meet it...Her voice can be as beautiful as an angel and as powerful as a Class 5 hurricane all within the drop of a hat...One thing's for certain, some forces - even those barely five feet tall - cannot be contained." - Dante Dominick, Rockzillaworld Magazine
"Based in Austin, Texas, (Carolyn's) unique combination of musical mastery adds to the state's impressive legacy of sonic genius...Wonderland is also an insightful, gutsy, intelligent songwriter with an extremely versatile talent that spans just about every genre you can name...I am happy to report that at last count my total Carolyn mileage is as follows: 2,304 driving miles and 19,544 flying miles. Trust me - if you ever see them live, you'll understand!" - Kelley Guiney, HotBands.com

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